Working in this field for long enough, you get to know a lot of themes, and, sometimes they can begin to meld into one another. Few online casino games can stand out in your head as clearly and as impressively as Kong the Eighth Wonder of the World. There is no mistaking this smash hit for anything else, it is just that awesome! With double the excitement, thanks to the two modes that are available, this gorilla of an option certainly holds its own at the top of the charts. Don’t waste your time thinking about whether or not this one is worth your while; with all the outstanding features they’ve packed into this one, we can guarantee you it is!

Kong The Eighth Wonder of the World Slots Big City Mode

Like we mentioned, Kong the Eighth Wonder of the World has two playing methods, and both are just as exciting as the other, so you can’t go wrong no matter which you choose. The first mode is called Big City mode, and that takes place in the big beautiful city New York. You know that it’s New York, aside from the fact that you’ve certainly seen the movie, because of all the landmarks like the Empire State Building that the huge gorilla has to climb during one of the bonus rounds, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves! Big City mode has bonus features such as expanding wilds and re-spins. There is also the City Tower bonus round where you will have to eliminate planes that are trying to take you down while you hang off of the top of the Empire State building. It’s a fun scene and makes for a great bonus haul!

Kong The Eighth Wonder of the World Slots Jungle Mode

The other mode is called Jungle mode, and this one, as you can probably guess, takes place in the jungle, the original home and rightful place of Kong the Eighth Wonder of the World. This one also has a lot of fun features such as the sticky wild symbols and re-spins. The specialty round for this mode is the Skull Island bonus. Here is where you need to search through the eerie wastelands looking for stranded animals. If you find the right matches, you’ll be rewarded with prizes like more exciting times at our online casino free of charge! This round also dares you to find the big, hairy guy because he pays out better than anything else in this version. This is more excitement than you are going to get for a long time, so hurry in and try out these online slots today!