Everyone loves playing various forms of poker, including holdem. Everyone is sitting around the table, there is chitchatting, jokes are being told, people are trying to figure out other people’s tells, and everyone is just having a good time trying to bluff their way to winning pots. When poker went to online casinos, a lot of what people loved about poker was taken away. Everything became automated and computerized. They were playing against the computer, there was no way to tell who was bluffing, and with a random card generator dealing out the hands, it was hard to determine the odds or play out any kind of strategies. The only thing that remained the same is that you could still drink beer while sitting at the computer. Well, now all that has changed with the creation of live casino holdem. Now you can enjoy everything you loved about poker but do it at a computer in real time with real dealers and real players. (The same goes for roulette!)

You Should be Playing Live Casino Holdem

A live casino is definitely the wave of the future with more and more casino games online getting the real time treatment. The only difference between live casino holdem and the computerized version? Well, one is played in real time and one is not. One allows you to use a webcam to see your dealer and other players, and one, well, one you are by yourself in a digitized poker room. With real time playing, you see the table in front of you, the dealer deals the cards in front of you, and you can still chat with players and razz them on bad hands. You can experience real cards in a gambling establishment environment without ever having to leave your home. You are able to try out new strategies and pointers you learned about this variation of poker. Trust and integrity is built because you can see everything that is going on!

Enjoy Live Casino Holdem at casinobillions.com Ireland

For a real experience, there is no better option than live casino holdem. Now you can also find live casino roulette, live casino baccarat, and live casino blackjack. Through real time video streaming, you can feel the rush of a hand of poker without worrying about program glitches and random number generators. You can actually use strategies you learned and apply odds you looked up. Better yet, you can actually see people as they bluff, allowing you to really know when to raise or when to fold. If you cannot get to a brick-and-mortar gambling establishment, this is definitely the next best thing! Come play live casino holdem today! After trying it out, any other version will seem less than!