While online gambling is a great way to enjoy casino games and make money doing so, some players may miss the sights and sounds of a live casino floor. As such, online gambling operators have stepped in to create the perfect solution – Live Casino games. These platforms essentially live side by side with casino game offers, allowing players – at a click of a button – to switch to Live Games. Using the last word in video streaming technology, players are able to play live games such as Live Blackjack, Live Roulette and Live Craps and watch as the cards are dealt or the wheel spun by live dealers. Players are also able to interact with the dealers. Live Casino games are available at leading online casinos such as casinobillions.com Ireland.

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game odds
Live Casino Odds

The odds of Live Casino games generally depend on which type of game is being played. Good Live Casino packages offer a few options to players, including Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat and Live Hold’em. As with any casino games portfolio, some of the games have better odds than others, based on skill factors, elements of chance and so forth. Games such as Live Blackjack have better odds than others, as it is possible to learn the basic strategy of the game and bring down the house edge. As a game of skill, blackjack’s odds can be improved by the player. On the other hand, Live Roulette is a game of chance and its odds cannot be manipulated in favor of the player. There are, however, always things that players can do to protect their bankroll at the Live Casino and minimize losses.

game rules
Live Casino Game Rules

The rules of Live Casino obviously depends on which games players choose to enjoy. Here are the rules of some of the more common online casino games found at casinobillions.com Ireland Live Casino.
Live Roulette:Players choose their roulette table based on the betting limit and then place their bets on the Live Roulette table. The croupier then spins the roulette wheel and throws the ball into the spinning wheel. The ball will fall into a slot and when the wheel stops turning, the croupier announces the winning number and winnings are paid out based on any correct predictions made by the player
Live Blackjack: Players place their bets at the Live Blackjack table and are dealt two cards. Their objective is to make the best possible hand where the total does not exceed 21, and to also beat the dealer’s hand. Players have the option to ask for another card (hit), to remain with the cards they have (stand) and several other choices. If their hand exceeds 21, it goes bust and the player loses. Payouts are made if the player’s hand beats the dealer’s.
Live Baccarat: The object of Live Baccarat is to wager on the player’s hand or the dealer’s hand and predict which will get closer to the number nine. Players place their bets on the Live Baccarat table and then two cards are dealt to the dealer and two to the players. The cards are valued and then payouts are made based on correct predictions.
Live Hold ’em: Players need to beat the dealer hand in Live Hold ’em. After making a bet, players construct their best poker hand using their two dealt cards and the five community cards in the center of the table. Players with a hand that has a higher value than the dealer’s win the game.

casino games tips
Live Casino Strategy and Tips

Live Casino games are relatively new at online casinos and as technology evolves, they will also improve. In the meantime, there are several tips that players can follow in order to improve their chances of winning and enhance their gaming enjoyment.
Choose Live Casino platforms with multiple games: A good online casino will offer a Live Casino with more than just a game or two so that players have a good range to choose from. Choose online casinos that offer this type of platform so that there is no need to flit from one casino to another to find your favourite game.
Choose Live Casino Games with Better Odds: If you are playing Live Roulette, for example, choose variants that have better odds over others. It is always better to choose Live European Roulette over Live American Roulette where the House Edge is lower due to there being only one zero on the wheel instead of two.
Choose Tables with Betting Limits that Suit your Bankroll Size: Don’t sit down at a Live Blackjack table with betting limits of $50 if you only intend spending $100 during your gaming session. Pace your playing by sticking to tables with limits that suit the size of your bankroll and increase your time spent playing.
Set Yourself Limits: As with any form of gambling, it is always best to set yourself limits before hitting the tables. Decide beforehand how long you are going to spend at the Live Casino and how much you are going to spend. Don’t chase losses and never play under the influence of anything that can impair your judgment. Naturally, never wager with money that you cannot afford to lose.

Live Casino Glossary

Bankroll: The amount of money brought to the gaming session by the player.
Bet: The amount wagered by the player.
Betting Limits: The minimum or maximum amount that wagers can be placed per bet, determined by the Live Casino.
Cashier: Where players deposit their money or withdraw their winnings.
Dealer: Casino employee who will deal the cards and pay out winnings.
Even Money: Players get paid back the same amount of money that they wagered.
Face Cards: Cards used in games such as Live Blackjack which have faces, eg. Jack, Queen and King.
Live Baccarat: Baccarat played online with a live dealer.
Live Hold ’em: Type of casino played online with a live dealer.
Live Roulette: Roulette played online with a live dealer.
Live Sic Bo: Sic Bo played online with a live dealer.
Paytable: A chart which lists the different winning combinations possible during a given game.

real money account
Opening an Account and Playing Live Casino Games for Real Money
The advantages of playing Live Casino games are many, but most convenient of all is that fact that players can open an account with casinobillions.com Ireland and have instant access to a range of Live Casino games using the same account. Live Casino games can be accessed instantly as soon as players have an account with casinobillions.com, and the process to create an account is swift and hassle-free.
To create a real money account at casinobillions.com Ireland to play at the Live Casino:

• Players click ‘Play for Real Money’.
• Players click ‘Create an Account’.
• Players fill in the different fields regarding personal details and so forth.
• Players agree to the Terms and Conditions.
• Players click ‘Create’.

By creating their casinobillions.com Ireland real money account.

History of Live Casino Games

When looking at the history of live casino within the context of the history of gambling in general, it is merely a tiny dot. While the history of gambling dates backs thousands upon thousands of years, live casino games have only been an option for keen gamblers in the past decade. Nevertheless, thanks to advances in technology, Live Casino has been brought to literally millions of players in a very short space of time.
It could be seen as slightly ironic that live casino actually evolved due to the player’s nostalgia for the sights and sounds of a live casino floor in a bricks and mortar casino. While there is no denying that there is something exciting about physically sitting down and bantering with the dealer, having the cards physically dealt to you and being paid out after winning, players nowadays don’t want to give up on the convenience that online gambling has to offer them.
Online gambling kicked off in the early to mid 1990s, and it took some time for online casino operators to consider the option of merging the advantages of online gambling with the benefits of live gambling. By 2003, the idea of Live Casino games on an online platform became a reality. Initially, live casino games were not what we see today. Technological limitations meant that oftentimes, streaming was of a poor quality, images were jerky or pixilated, and the sound was tinny. However, as the years progressed and transmission speed improved on the internet, software providers found that they were able to literally bring the live casino floor to the player’s desktop screen or even to the palm of their hand through mobile live casino games in an instant.
Today some of the best online casinos in the world such as casinobillions.com Ireland, offer sterling Live Casino options to players.


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